Positive Press

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Old Sol is being talked about in the news, on social media and in your favorite spots all over Manchester! We'll be honest, it's pretty cool - as cool as the other side of the pillow. Speaking of pillows, we're basically a corduroy pillowcase... we're making headlines.

Old Sol is trying to turn a dilapidated downtown building into a live music venue and community center.

A music venue, for instance, would bring more people to eat in area restaurants and shop and make purchases downtown.

Their tagline, “More Than Music,” represents their vision for the music hall to give back to the greater Manchester community.

This is the type of very specialized re-use the building requires to become viable again. 

Old Sol Music Hall won for engaging the most donors in the 24 hour period, with a total of 108 donors. 

Their plan is to turn the building into a genuine music hall, just like the ones in Plymouth and Londonderry and Portland that helped reshape their towns.

Support Old Sol Today!

Supporting Old Sol Music Hall is more than a donation to the venue and our day-to-day operations, but will go toward developing Manchester's art culture through positive community and environmental engagement. We believe that cultivating the arts will allow us to strengthen our community and your support can help us achieve that goal.

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