Old Sol Music Hall

Projected to open in 2018, Old Sol Music Hall will be a nonprofit cultural and civic venue in the heart of downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. Working to establish, maintain, and operate a performance venue and community space, Old Sol Music Hall will aim to leverage the arts to create positive social and environmental impact.

Inspired by Vision

Old Sol Music Hall seeks to create a much-needed third-place in downtown Manchester, New Hampshire -- separate from one’s home and work life; but a third-place with unique cultural and civic value. Now more than ever, young adults are seeking out membership in non-traditional organizations that help fulfill a need for spiritual or personal connection. In addition to being a first-class concert venue, Old Sol Music Hall aims to curate a diverse and dynamic community with the intention of attracting and retaining young professionals in New Hampshire; citizens who are absolutely critical to building both economic and social capital in the Granite State.

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Support Old Sol Today!

Supporting Old Sol Music Hall is more than a donation to the venue and our day-to-day operations, but will go toward developing Manchester's art culture through positive community and environmental engagement. We believe that cultivating the arts will allow us to strengthen our community and your support can help us achieve that goal.

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